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Solar Panel Power Solution

Kencana Power offers you a shift to renewable energy to increase the efficiency of your business cost and energy, allowing you to contribute to the national carbon emissions reduction target. 

Our Services focus on design, installation and management of solar power and energy storage technology according to each unique pre-existing field conditions to enable an increase in cost reduction and energy saving. 

Using Solar Power Technology

Using Solar Power Technology

Low Emissions, Renewable energy

Low Emissions, Renewable energy

Easy Installation, Low Cost

Easy Installation, Low Cost

Long Term Use

Long Term Use

Power Solution Option


Use in urban areas
Cost-Efficient Electricity
Main Device: Solar Panel

Solar panels converts energy from the sun into electricity.
The inverter converts the electricity produced by solar panels from direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). A meter tracks the electricity consumption from the grid and solar production.
The energy is used to power you electrical appliances.
Excess electricity is sent to the grid.

Business Scheme 

Your desire to shift from fossil fuels to new renewables can be realized easily and with guarantee. 

PT. Kencana Dua Sinergi will prepare everything for you until the Solar Power Unit is fully functional and a reduction in electricity cost is achieved for you. 



No Upfront Payment

20 - 30 year lease

Lease the system with a monthly payment basis 

Engineering, Procurement & Construction

Operation Maintenance Available 
with System Warranty

PLN Electricity Connection Permits

All necessary PLN permits 

Our Projects

Includes Survey, Licensing and IMB Management, Tower and Power Installation, Integration, Testing and Commissioning, Operational and Maintenance, Network Monitoring System (NMS)